A Sarong in Texas Feels So Right

The super-soft and vibrant sarongs of Brazil have arrived at Central Market just in time for summer. We expect a “tropical” climate for the next several months, so you will have plenty of opportunity to wrap yourself in colorful culture.

We at Central Market have learned quite a bit about the wonderful country of Brazil over the last few weeks. The two things that really resonate with me are: 1) All Brazilian people are beautiful, and 2) No one in Brazil is ever in a hurry. Their laid-back attitude and warm, friendly ways are infectious and so different from the hurried American city life most of us live. That being said, it took a minute to get the sarongs from Brazil. They told us not to worry, but of course we did. Now that we have fully enveloped ourselves in their culture, we’re just thrilled that sarongs are here! Pra caramba!

Sarongs are known for their bright colors and versatility. Just Google the images and you’ll see countless ways to fashion them onto your body. Traditionally, for women, they are fastened around the waist as a skirt or bathing suit cover, but can also be tied around the chest and worn as a strapless dress. And don’t worry, fellas, they’re not just for the ladies. Sarongs are right for you, too. You’ll be the hit of any pool party or backyard BBQ when you show up bravely bedecked in one of these beautiful wraps.

They also make gorgeous home or party decoration. Drape them like fabric over windows, from awnings or gazebos, on your deck chairs or right on the grass - pretty much anywhere you want to add festivity and color. It’s like an instant vacation without the hassle of luggage and airplane travel. The sarongs fly in to Texas just in time for Mother’s Day and make the perfect gift. They are also the quintessential beachwear and fold up nicely in your overnight bag so they’re perfect for spontaneous weekend getaways. Grab an armful next time you shop at CM. The possibilities are as endless as the Texas summer. 

These are available in the Healthy Living department of your favorite CM.
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