A Night of Southern Charm with the Lee Brothers

Every year around Mother’s Day, you vow to spend more time with your mom.  This year, follow through and take her to meet the funny, food-wrangling Lee Brothers in the Cooking School!

Matt and Ted Lee, award-winning cookbook authors and television hosts of The Cooking Channel’s “Unique Eats” – and let’s not forget founders of the Lee Bros. Boiled Peanuts Catalogue – are coming to Central Market.

They’ll introduce guests to the culinary treasures and traditions of Charleston, South Carolina, one of the country’s hottest food destinations.  Hear the stories behind the dishes served at southern dinner tables at home and in acclaimed restaurants. The menu includes a cheese spread; bacon-y Brussels sprouts; a skillet asparagus with grapefruit; a tasty take on shrimp & grits and a strawberry and black pepper syllabub – all of which you’ll nibble on with expertly-selected wines. 
Each attendee will also receive a copy of The Lee Bros. Charleston Kitchen, a book Ruth Reichl says "is the South seen through a different lens, a place filled with fresh fish, heirloom vegetables, and recipes handed from one generation to the next. Reading through these recipes, I found myself wanting to run into the kitchen and cook every one."

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