Lighten Up, Y'all

Author and Chef Virginia Willis shares in her own words why she wrote her newest cookbook, Lighten Up, Y'all, and why she hopes to see you in classes in our Cooking Schools next week

"[Lighten Up, Y’all,]It’s not a diet book. It’s not a book of make-over recipes, although there are a few, like the Broccoli, Mac and Cheese. It’s not a book of fake “low-cal” food. I don’t lie to you and tell you that fat-free carob yogurt is going to quell your chocolate craving or that chewing gum will satisfy your sweet tooth.

I do tell you to drink more water. I do tell you to eat less and move more. I do tell you that food can be good and good for you. I do promise you that these recipes taste great. Because, here’s the deal: I am not a doctor, or a nutritionist, or a dietitian. I am a normal person, just like you. The real truth is that I actually don’t want to be skinny or thin; I want to be healthy and strong.

Y’all know that I am a storyteller. In my books and articles, I talk about growing up in the South, traveling all over the world, working for celebrities like Martha [Stewart], Bobby [Flay], Nathalie [Dupree], and Anne [Willan]. My recipes are filled with tales of being in the kitchen with Meme and Mama.

This book pretty much bears my soul, my thoughts, and my shortcomings. I share with you my inner scared little girl who was a bookworm and subsequently picked last on the playground for kickball. I share the pre-teen that was teased about her broad shoulders. I share more of me like I have in no other.

And, the point of me telling you all this is that if I can overcome my inner demons, lose weight, and get healthy, then you can, too! Most importantly, I want to share that I’ve gained a better acceptance of my body. Lighten Up, Y’all is my attempt at being healthy and strong rather than pursuing and obsessing over an idealized weight. It’s the story of me truly enjoying exercise. Is this a lifelong journey? Yes. Will I have to watch what I eat and continue to exercise? Yes. Here’s the difference: now I want to. It’s now my way of life."

Check our Cooking School page, and register for Lighten Up, Y'all.
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Emma Hudson wrote on 2/10/2016 1:39:16 PM

I have had an opportunity to read through this cookbook, Lighten Up, Y'all.... I quite like it I must admit... some true revelations on some dietary concepts...thanks

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