Raising the (Olive) Bar

If you were a fan of our Olive Bar before, get ready to hear angels singing now. We’ve given our Olive Bar an extreme makeover. The new and improved Olive Bar features always-refrigerated, unpasteurized olives, exciting olive blends, new varietals, marinades, and salads. What you’ll see: Olives in shades of sharp apple green and deep, rich black. What you’ll taste: The more delicate, real fruit flavor of each olive variety. Trust us, you’ll appreciate olives all over again.

Here’s just sample of what we have to share (listed as pictured above):

Beldi Olives. Lovers of salty olives, these are for you. Spicy black olives from Morocco are pitted and  cured simply in salt and olive oil.

Basque Olive Blend. Tangy olive blend from France made with French and Spanish olives, as well as Espelette red peppers, mantequilla olives, black coquillo olives, and provençal herbs. 

Castelvetrano Olives. Accent dishes and platters with the taste of a Mediterranean summer. Grown in Castelvetrano, Sicily, these bright green olives are mild and buttery. Our are pitted, unpasteurized, and perfect with cocktails and antipasti. If you’ve tried our new Mediterranean dishes in the Chef’s Case, you how flavor-filled these olives are!

Cerignola Olives. Originally grown in Southern Italy, these can be either green or black. We’ve replaced canned Cerignola olives with fresh-as-can-be, unpasteurized olives. You’ll notice the difference in their giant size and rich color. But it’s their mild, buttery flavor that will make the Cerignola a new favorite for your antipasti platters. 

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