House Granola Tastes Like Home

Now a days we have come to accept that granola sometimes gets a bad wrap, even granola does not want to be defined as granola. It wants to be more, more than healthy and hippie and crunchy. Enter Holly Henderson and her very special, very local, very delicious House Granola.

Henderson was already appreciated for her granola recipes among friends and family but, after the loss of her nephew House, she threw herself into cooking—and, consequently, perfecting and improving her old granola recipes.

Using organic ingredients like organic rolled oats and puffed rice, shunning GMOs and the trans fats often found in granola, substituting agave and local honey for sugar, and adding raw nuts and other wholesome additions, Henderson, after many batches, finally gave the nod of perfection in early 2013, and then, in tribute to her nephew who inspired it all, named it "House Granola."

After much acclaim in local farmer’s markets and selling on her website, Holly not only kept her promise to make a difference and honor her nephew (she donates a portion of all proceeds to a charity for those with Down's Syndrome, like House), but she met demands for more of her “updated granola” and created 3 flavors, including those flavors in gluten free! And, in keeping with tradition, every flavor is named after a family member.
House Granola celebrated making a difference—in lives and in health—by launching their product at our Westgate store this past Wednesday, February 26th. You can find House Granola now at both the Austin Westgate and Austin North Lamar stores, in the grocery section of the store.
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andrea wrote on 3/14/2014 1:08:39 PM

This is the BEST granola I have had in my life!! Can't get enough!!!!!

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