Great News from Viginia Willis

Cookbook author, chef, and popular Central Market Cooking School instructor Virginia Willis now writing a weekly column on

Virginia sent us a note a few weeks ago to let us know the good news:
Big news I want to share with my Central Market family -- I'm thrilled to announce that I have a  weekly column on!
It's called Down-Home Comfort and will feature user-friendly, seasonal recipes that will make your mouth water. I am honored to be able to promote Southern food and cooking and ecstatic to be a part of presenting these foodways to a very broad audience. While I will certainly feature some classic, indulgent recipes like Fried Chicken and Macaroni and Cheese, I am very excited to show that Southern food is a living, growing cuisine, and not all Southern food is — or has to be — unhealthy. 
I kicked off the series with Collard Greens with Whole Grain Cornbread -- the perfect antidote to a Polar Votex.
Best  -  VA

Now that you are caught up on Virginia's new blog, come and join Virginia in our Cooking Schools this April at a relaxed Seasonal Supper. You'll enjoy her delicious Southern-inspired meal, pick up tips on techniques and have a chance to ask her about the new blog, her appearance on Chopped and to learn more about the revival of Southern-inspired cooking that is sweeping the country.

Dallas Lovers - Monday, April 7    Register >
Fort Worth - Tuesday, April 8    Register >
San Antonio - Wednesday, April 9    Register >
Houston - Thursday, April 10    Register >
Austin North Lamar - Friday, April 11    Register >

Find all of the other great chefs we have visiting the cooking school in April on the Cooking School page.
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