Taste Tea with an Expert: Join Angie Lin of Lahaha Tea In-Store

Have you ever wondered what goes into an excellent cup of tea?  I'm not talking about just your average cup of tea, rather the kind that gets served to kings and emporers by dedicated tea pourers in elaborate ceremony.  Angie Lin, founder of Lahaha Tea, knows and she is willing to share her knowledge in free tea classes this coming week at many of our stores.

You will learn all about what makes the best tea, including the different types of teas, how tea is prepared, and how to spot quality tea.  Angie has made it her mission to introduce the best teas at the best prices so that drinkers of tea may have the best experience possible.  She and her team import tea direct from farms in China where tea is grown with tradition, care, and harmony with nature.

Classes will be held at :
Dallas Lovers Lane - March 17 & 18
Plano - March 19
Fort Worth - March 20
San Antonio - March 21
Austin North Lamar - March 22 & 23
Houston - March 24

Spots are limited.

Learn more about all the Lahaha Teas that Central Market carries.
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