Spring has Sprung at Central Market: Geshundheit!

There are many ways to console a sneezer. “Bless you” is probably the most popular, but around here you’ll also hear “Gesundheit”,” Salud”, and even the lesser known Seinfeld joke, “You are soooo good-lookin’.” Our Partners direct the unfortunate “Achoo” right to our Healthy Living section where one of our partners will undoubtedly say, “Wishgarden.”

Like many North Texas denizens, I suffer from allergies pretty much year round. I’ve taken everything on the market, prescription and otherwise. I’m sometimes leery of herbal remedies, because I fear the high cost associated with something that is just not powerful enough to conquer the testy Texas allergens, also known as “Cedar Fever”.  Of course, I’m also a CM Foodie who gets really excited about new products, so I try things.

I actually bought two supplements from Wishgarden Herbs’ impressive line of herbal remedies not only to share with you on the blog, but also because I needed them. I was really optimistic that they would work, and I wanted to be able to report back to you, our readers, with firsthand knowledge. And of course, Central Market brings them to you at a reasonable price.

Wishgarden has chosen names for their products that are really fun to say. I chose “Kick-Ass Allergy” and “Kick-Ass Immune” because, well, who doesn’t need their allergies and immune system kicked into shape? After a week of faithful dosing, I definitely feel healthier. The allergy remedy is more of a rescue than a preventative, but the immune booster backs it up. It’s just a quick few pumps of magic solution, 3-4 times a day with a glass of water for an immediate noticeable improvement, and no yucky side effects. And since they are not pharmaceutical, you can also take them as needed, whenever you might be exposed to the many irritants in the  environment. I’ll admit, despite their website’s boasting of “great taste”, in my opinion they are not delicious. But they work, so it’s worth it.

Wishgarden is a small staff of highly trained herbalists based in Boulder, CO. They are an “independent, woman-owned, family-run, community-conscious business devoted to helping people achieve health and balance through the use of natural medicinal botanicals.” We can all appreciate a backstory like that. I also appreciated the comprehensiveness of their website, which gives a complete description of each product that is not included on the label. Central Market has a wide range of Wishgarden's remedies represented in the store, and after my successful trial, I'm excited to add a few of the other enticing names to my daily routine such as Genius Juice, Serious Relaxer, Deep Stress, Kung Fu Fighter, and especially Cedar-Free Texas. Check out the full selection in the Healthy Living department. They may be from Colorado, but they seem to know just what us Texans need.   
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