Goat Milk Caramels and the Big Picture of Life

Central Market announces the arrival of amazing, award-winning Goat Milk Caramels made in small baaa-aatches by artisanal baaa-aakers (sorry) Big Picture Farms from Vermont.

The usual rule of thumb for food blogging is that the better the product is, the easier it is to write about. Quadruple that if the product already has a great story. Of course, there are exceptions to every rule, and Big Picture Farms is one of these exceptions. Since beginning this piece, I’ve been constantly distracted by the cuteness of baby goats. I’ve started countless paragraphs only to be cut off mid-sentence by, “Awwww…” and had to start all over. I’ve been sending photos to my friends, and one of them jumped right on the website and bought a box of caramels before I could even announce that we are carrying them here at Central Market. It’s been rough, I’m tellin’ ya.
We are so overjoyed to bring you these exclusive, adorable and incredibly soft caramels from Big Picture Farms that we can’t stop talking about them - and eating them. They are lovingly cultivated by the farm’s 28 Saanen, Alpine, and floppy-eared Nubian goats and hand-crafted by the doting farmers who care for them. Goat milk caramels are so smooth and buttery that they melt right in your mouth, with none of the sticky residue left behind on your teeth that is characteristic of conventional caramel. They are also beautifully packaged and make perfect gifts. Each gift box of artisanal caramels includes a postcard featuring a photo of the goat responsible for making the milk (Awwww...) and her happy, free-roaming story. But Big Picture Farms doesn’t stop with a great tasting product. Their story gets even better.
Developed in Townshend, VT by food-loving artists Louisa Conrad and Lucas Farrell, the farm is truly a labor of love. They practice superior craftsmanship in their farming and shepherding as well as their artisanal baking. Supported by a producer’s grant from the USDA in 2012, they were able to dedicate themselves fully to the process of making caramels and raising goats in the rich pastures and leafy woodlands of Vermont. Talk about following your path! You can read all about their food journey on their blog, just beware of the debilitating cuteness. If you have anything important to do you may want to wait until you’re finished to click.

Big Picture Farms Goat Milk Caramels, available in Chai flavor as well as their award-winning Sea Salt Bourbon Vanilla, are a Central Market exclusive. Hurry in to the Lovers Lane store Bulk Candy department to pick some up just in time for Easter. I know my daughter will be thrilled to see these in her basket and read the endearing story. I wonder if the goats have any idea how happy they have made us.
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