Get Happy at Home with Happy Tomatoes Salsa

Tex-mex lovers are ridiculously happy about the latest local item at Central Market. Happy Tomatoes is the answer for authentic salsa right in the comfort of your own home. No more waiting for a table, and best of all, no more “jar taste.”  Muchas gracias!

As a third generation Dallasite and die-hard tex-mex junkie, there has always been one thing that is hard for me to get behind: jarred salsa. Nothing quite compares to the restaurant style chips and salsa experience. Golden, warm tostadas crisp from the fryer, soft tortillas still hot from the machine, and of course, fresh cilantro, peppers, onions, spices, and beautiful tomatoes that seem to have been plucked right from the vine before they were brought to your table in the form of picante. How do you bottle that experience? It’s pretty tricky, but I think Lauren Keefe and her grandmother, Cora, have just about got it down.

Every Tuesday these ladies make big batches of fresh salsa using all-natural, highest quality ingredients and deliver it to stores every Thursday. That’s about as close to restaurant-fresh as you can get – maybe closer! I mean, if your grandmother is involved in the process you know it has to be authentic. This is a true Ma and Pa operation out of Ft. Worth, TX that is not only local but uses as many local products as they can in the making of their amazing salsa. The result is a delightful explosion of the happiest tomatoes I’ve ever put in my mouth. They have three amazing flavors: Original, Medium and Diablo. Don’t struggle over the decision; they’re all backed by the same great story. The freshness is where it’s at. And the Dairy section in our store is where to find it, refrigerated for optimum freshness, of course.

They have only a few retailers so far, and as always, Central Market is one of the first to bring them to you. Check our Dallas Lovers Lane, Ft. Worth or Southlake stores the next time you want that restaurant experience right in your own kitchen. I can’t wait for grilled fajitas and fish tacos this summer, knowing that I won’t have to compromise on the flavor of real salsa. Or on lazy weekends, I love knowing that I can blend myself a homemade margarita, mash up some tableside guacamole, grab a bag of chips and a jar of Happy Tomatoes and have a tex-mex feast right there in my jammies. I hope I leave myself a good tip!  
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Tricia wrote on 3/30/2013 11:38:34 PM

I love happy tomato salsa and stop by CM to get a jar to bring to parties. Thanks, Lauren.

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