Celebrate Herb Fest at Central Market March 28-April 3

We don’t like to brag (well, maybe a little), but Central Market has the best organic bunched herb program in the nation. We figure that’s cause for celebration, so, March 28-April 3, we’re doing a little something called Herb Fest.

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But we couldn’t do it without our partnership with Generation Farms, an organic herb grower in Rice, Texas.

Generation Farms was once a small hydroponics operation growing lettuce, spinach and tomatoes. After struggling for a few years, the operation was converted to organic methods, and culinary herbs and edible flowers were planted. This was long before the marketplace went bonkers for organic herbs.
Central Market’s relationship with the grower began 18 years ago, when we had only a single location on North Lamar in Austin. Great food plus quality local herbs was a natural fit, and, as Central Market has grown, so has Generation Farms.
Today, the herbs are farmed on 40 acres in more than 100 greenhouses, where the company controls growing operations from seedlings and harvesting to packaging and shipping. State-of-the-art cooling facilities, a food safety program, and refrigerated trucks ensure consistent quality and year-round supply. The herbs are certified organic by the Texas Department of Agriculture and U.S.D.A., and shipments leave daily from the location in Rice to ensure they get from the farm to Central Market as quickly as possible.
Even though we’ve both gotten bigger, some things haven’t changed. Generation Farms still delivers herbs daily to all nine of our locations, tailoring the delivery to the unique needs of the store and its customers.

So join us March 28-April 3 for in-store demonstrations, cooking and pairing suggestions, recipe ideas, and, of course, a great price on all of our organic herbs: just 3 for $4 throughout the event.
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Elaine Tournay-Godfrey wrote on 3/29/2012 10:18:59 AM

I will be going to Central Market during this "Herb Fest", I am enjoying a new outlook on growing my own herbs and experimenting with recipes out of the traditional ones I have used in the past,,,makes meal planning and creating dishes of my own fun and very interesting

Lucy Ra wrote on 3/28/2012 11:49:58 AM

Please double the amount of dill - it's the one herb that runs out the fastest!

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