Buffalo Bayou Brewing - New Twist on an Old Craft

When Rassul Zarinfar was a student at Rice University he was a bit of a home brew enthusiast. Little did he know that this would eventually become his life’s passion. After Rice, he spent a few years working for a local beer distributer honing his brewing skills, then took some time off to head to Massachusetts, and get his MBA, from Harvard.

Now, fast forward to late 2011, and the fifth Houston area brewery is on the precipice of opening. Rassul leases a 7800 sq foot building just off I-10 in the heart of Houston. Along with 50 co-founders they plunged face first into the market with their flagship copper ale “1836” after the year the city of Houston was founded on the banks of the Buffalo Bayou. 
Buffalo Bayou Brewing's Heritage Series of beers combines classical brewing techniques and rich Houston flavors to orient drinkers toward different points in the history of the city. Hence their Secessionist Series of beers are in defiance of those archaic brewing guidelines, their beers are cathedrals to unlikely elements. Ambitious and boundary-pushing, ingredients stem from the kind of inspiration that strikes when soul-soaking humidity, 100 degree temperatures and instruments fit for a science lab come together. My personal favorites are their double IPA “More Cowbell,” their “Gingerbread Stout,” and a Russian Imperial Stout “Lenin’s Revenge.”

Rassul will be bringing his adventurous beers, and a chef to the Houston Central Market for a can’t miss Buffalo Bayou Beer Dinner in our cooking school on Saturday June 21st from 6:30-9 pm and will also be in the Beer department on Sunday June 22nd to “wax poetic” and pour his amazing beers!
Sign up for the Beer Dinner on the Houston Cooking School Page.
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