You Had Me at Merlot…

Okay, maybe not, but don’t go all sideways on me! The image of Merlot has taken a beating over the years following a certain movie which shall not be named, but the truth is, Merlot is one of the most classic and noble grapes of the world.

A grape upon which Bordeaux and California, to name a few, have built an empire. In fact a good portion of all Bordeaux blends are Merlot, and most Cabernet in California has Merlot in it, (it only has to be 75% to say Cabernet Sauvignon on the label).
Merlot  is without a doubt one of the more silky and fruit forward styles that California produces, and can be great value as well. Check out Grayson Merlot for $9.99 or Chateau Julien for $12.99, both lush fruit driven wines with great balance and character. Perfect for the grill or just casual drinking; put a little chill on it for refreshing summer fun and chill out in style.
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