Local Farms Keep Us Fresh

Beyond fresh, never warehoused, abundant, peak-of-the-season, pick of the farm, bountiful and beautiful fruits, veggies, and herbs are what you see when you walk in the door of any Central Market. The colors, sights and smells will slow down even the hastiest of shoppers for a second look or a sweet sample, cut fresh by one of our Partners.

The list of things to love about the produce at Central Market is so long that reciting the entire thing would be more akin to novel writing than food blogging. It’s probably easier to focus on one aspect at a time, and this week the topic will be the local produce that makes our selection so great.

Have you ever noticed that when you buy produce at Central Market, it stays fresh and beautiful much longer than the produce from other retailers? This is no accident. Our buyers work round the clock to establish the close relationships we have with our suppliers that maintain the highest growing standards and product specifications that set us apart from the rest. We order daily, buying less at a time but more often, so that there is virtually zero warehouse time. Local farms make it easier for us to bring you that “Farmers Market Feel” at a competitive retail price.

Real Texas farms like Cooper Farms in Fairfield, Sides Pea Farm in Canton, and Lightsey Farms in Mexia are just a few of the many local suppliers who contribute to our produce excellence. They each have their own areas of specialty – award-winning peaches, for example – that they have perfected through years and years of hard work and great care.

From tomatoes to peas and of course, fresh organic herbs, we are proud to showcase local farmers in our everyday produce selection.  Local food supports local families (like the Sides and the Coopers) and builds communities. It travels a much shorter distance to get to our store, so it can feasibly be on your kitchen table within hours after being harvested. Check in often to see what we have daily, because we only bring in the best selection and when it’s gone, it’s gone.

It’s time for the summer vacation leg of your food journey. Celebrate the season and local farmers with Central Market this week – and all summer long. 
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