Foodie Finds: Discover the World, One Taste at A Time

It is very nearly physically impossible for us to be any more excited to finally introduce our new Foodie Finds series!

Our Experts, representing just about every department in our stores, have reached out and researched and reconned some far-off places discovering specialty items worthy of being a Central Market Foodie Find. 

What does it take to be a Central Market Foodie Find? Excellent question! Foodie Finds are:
Products we discovered all over the world and in our own backyard.  We’ve scouted items from Brooklyn to Belgium, Canada to Chile and all points in between. Our in-house Chefs even got into the Foodie Find spirit, creating their own unique recipes.
New foodie flavors you’ve never tasted. We found new foodie flavors even we have never tasted! Our palates thanked us, and yours will too. 
Items exclusive to Central Market – some in very limited quantities. If you find something you can’t live without, and you will, don’t be shy. Scoop it up while you can! 

But wait --there’s more! We’ve created a Foodie Finds bi-monthly newsletter that features the best of the best. You can find the newsletter on our website, throughout the stores, and also in the mail with your Weekly Savor. By the time you read through it, your next CM shopping trip will have planned itself. Just pop in and look for the special Foodie Find signs. (Oh yeah, did we mention that we have more than 400 Foodie Finds throughout our stores?)
As always, don’t be afraid to ask questions. Our in-store Foodies can help with recommendations, pairings, recipes, even preparation advice. Help is just a green-and-white-striped apron away. 
Whether it’s your first time or your 5,000th time at our store, come in, let your Foodie flag fly and your epicuriosity run wild. Trust us. You’ll fall in love with something at first bite.
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