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After seeing the simple packaging of Maple Hill Creamery Yogurt in several neighborhood stores all over Brooklyn, NY, we grabbed a couple of plasic spoons, sat right down on the curb and gave it try. Turns out we sampled a spoonful of special. 

For the next three years, we kept our eye on (read: stalkedMaple Hill Creamery, and when the small family- owned company in upstate New York was ready to branch out, we were waiting to bring them to Central Market in time for our round-up of June/July Foodie Finds. 

And the wait was worth it. With no bells or whistles, the emphasis is on taste.  The small, family-owned and operated artisan company in upstate New York has created a simple yogurt made with whole milk from 100% grass-fed cows raised on the Maple Hill farms, real fruit and … that’s about it. All you’ll find is real fruit and a layer of sweet cream on top that harkens back to the days before no-fat or low-fat milk existed. 
Where you might find artificial sugars in other yogurts, Maple Hill’s yogurts come by their sugar naturally. The sugars come from real fruit, like wild blueberries, and real ingredients, like maple syrup. Look for the clean packaging in Dairy and grab a container of uncomplicated goodness. 

Find your favorite and taste a bit of springtime. Available in five flavors: Plain, Vanilla, Lemon, Wild Blueberry and Maple. Great for a snack, as breakfast, alone, or with fruit or granola.  

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