Chardonnay is a word that is almost certain to elicit a strong response from guests I help. Many love the grape, while many others will start a conversation about choosing a wine by declaring that they “hate Chardonnay,” but are open to almost any other suggestion. This always saddens me because I know, at no fault of the guest, they have been subjected to some very bad experiences with, what I believe, is one of the greatest varietals in the world. 

Like all great things that become a commercial and critical success, there will follow a tidal wave of producers cranking out poor imitations (sometimes bitter and watered down, and other times clumsy and cartoonishly sweet). If you too are part of the “ABC” movement (Anything But Chardonnay), we’d love the chance to understand why they have broken your heart in the past, and turn you on to some exciting choices that will make your heart pitter-patter.
At Central Market, we have a huge selection and wide range of styles of Chardonnay. We can show you anything from a steely, minerally, unoaked version from Chablis, France to an aged version from Spain with purposeful oxidative notes of a dry Sherry, to full, lush tropical takes from some warmer climate regions of the world. We’re also proud to say that we have about twenty Chardonnays that are either made specifically for us by talented winemakers or are exclusive to us in Texas. Look for our Central Market Selection signs to find these choices from five different countries. We hope that you’ll be inspired to pick up at least a few since all of these are priced within a very affordable range, from Marc Cellars (California) at $6.95/bottle to Domaine Fourrey Premier Cru Chablis (Burgundy) at only $24.95/bottle. 
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