Candycots Are Nature's Candy!

We continue to strive, here at Central Market, to bring you the best that the world has to offer. And our most current selection of apricots are no exception! We also strive to try to convey the very special attributes of a physical item to you, our blog readers, but in this case you really should taste these.

Candycots are the culmination of putting the best seeds in the world together and making one intensely sweet tasting piece of fruit. When you first take a bite, be sure there is no one in the "splash zone" because they are just as over the top in juiciness as they are in sweetness. Candycots aren’t just sweet, they take sugar levels to an unheard of range from 25-30 on the Brix scale and easily double your average apricot sugar level! 

When you scour the world looking for the best apricots that nature has to offer, one could only wonder what could come of then combining some of these seeds together, and that’s exactly what California farmer, John Driver, did. Put only the best of the best seeds together to bring to us what we now know as Candycots. Often times farmers will use plums or even peaches to cross breed and add sweetness, but Candycots are apricot in nature from beginning to end. Almost every Candycots sugar level is so high that while its left on the tree for maximum ripeness it develops a brownish patch or what can appear to be a scuffing of the fruit. Its often been joked that this result is natures natural sugar indicator for the Candycot. If that wasn’t enough for you to want to try natures candy, how about one more push? Candycots contain no fat and are an excellent source of vitamin A, C and E.
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