Bring Us The Royal Marmalade, Your Highness

It’s not every day that one gets to enjoy the same luxuries as the Queen, but if there is a place in Texas that can make that a reality, it’s us. The line of royal vinegars, marmalades and preserves from Belberry are now within easy reach at your local Central Market, and we’re so excited that we’re running around making everything (more) perfect just in case the Queen of Belgium stops in. We want to be ready to pass the white glove test!

If you’ve been in the Dallas Lovers store recently, you may have seen a Foodie using these amazing, vibrant concoctions from Belberry in a recipe or demo. The vinegars and preserves are so flavorful, we sample them right off a spoon. So many taste sensations abound that recipe ideas are born the minute they hit the back of your tongue. Here is one that Foodie Bryan came up with:

Living Chutney
Belberry Red Bell Pepper Vinegar
Diced raw asparagus
Red bell pepper, finely diced
Red onion, finely diced
Fresh dill, minced

Prepare and mix approximately 2 tbsp of each ingredient above, depending on how much you want to make. This brightens up any fish you prefer, but Bryan served it on grilled Kampachi and it was like we had all been transported to the Hawaiian coast after one bite.  

Foodie Timothy took a splash of Belberry Green Cucumber Vinegar and equal parts of chunked cantaloupe, honeydew melon and sliced English cucumber with a dash of sea salt for simple summer salad that was a huge crowd-pleaser. (Just combine the ingredients in a bowl and start eating.) Belberry’s Green Cucumber Vinegar is my favorite, although it’s extremely challenging to pick just one. I think it’s because, normally things that are “cucumber flavored” never quite have the crispness you’d expect from a real cucumber, but this surprised me. Again, I tasted it right from a sampling spoon and was blown away by the flavors.

Our favorite Cheese Lady, Deboria, paired the Figs and Port preserves with a beautiful Neal’s Yard English Stilton for a few hours last week and left everyone talking about it for days.

The recipe possibilities for all of the fine Belberry products are endless. Their history dates back to 1956 in the Flemish city of Kortrijk with a request for an ancient marmalade recipe at the local market. Created without sacrificing tradition or fine quality, these royal marmalades, preserves and vinegars are endorsed by the Queen of Belgium. But there is no need to wait for important breakfast guests to introduce these marmalades into your morning routine – treat yourself like royalty every day. You can even hold your pinky out if you want.
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Patrice Raplee wrote on 9/22/2014 1:19:44 PM

Just tried the Royal Preserves Belberry Seville Marmalade In Brussels and LOVED it! I hope to buy this at the Shoreline Central Market in Washington State!

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