Push Your Burger Boundaries June 13-26 at Central Market

Are you really into burgers? Do patties make you melt? Do your burgers show up on best-dressed lists? Are even your shrimp burgers jumbo? Are bison burgers at home on your range? Do your nicknames include the Kaiser of Buns, King Tong, or Count Spatula?
If the answer’s yes, then Central Market invites you to push your burger boundaries June 13-26, when we’re featuring everything under the bun and beyond, starting with the best patties—from beef, bison, and lamb to turkey, shrimp, salmon, and specialty sliders. Plus an entire store-full of terrific toppings: unique cheeses, vegetables, scratch-made buns, and surprising sauces. And, of course, bacon!

Speaking of scratch-made buns, in addition to favorite like our pain au lait and pretzel buns, visit our Bakery for two new additions to the lineup: onion rolls spiked with sweet-yet-savory sautéed onions and potato buns, which are tender, chewy, moist buns made with potato flour and cottage cheese. Both are worthy of our signature, freshly made patties, available in Market.

Visit our Grocery aisles for the expected and unexpected burger condiments, from Skillet Foods bacon jam to ethnic-inspired Culinary Twist marinades and sauces. Also in our aisles you'll find miles and miles of crunchy, salty burger accompaniments, including hot-and-crunchy Blair’s Sudden Death potato chips.

While everyone knows that burgers and beer go hand-in-hand, what about burgers and Bordeaux? Master sommelier Guy Stout returns to our cooking schools June 21-28 to talk about this food-friendly wine and how it works with dishes such as Cuban slider with slow-roasted pork, Serrano ham, sweet pickles, Dijon mustard, and Swiss cheese or Bobby Flay’s turkey slider with Meyer lemon-honey mustard and goat cheese. If you miss Stout in our cooking school, no worries. Simply chat with an expert in our Wine & Beer department for more pairing ideas.

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Burch Lovely wrote on 12/29/2014 6:30:15 PM

My wife purchased ground Angus extra lean sirloin ground beef on 12-19-14 at the Lovers Lane store in Dallas. We are wondering if this meat is in any way involved in the recent recall? Just want to be sure before eating any of it. Thank you,

Dward Farquard wrote on 6/6/2012 10:19:41 AM

Hope there is some really good condiments. How about some ketchup that tastes really good, not just the standard stuff?

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