How to Decorate With Banana Leaves

Simple yet inspired table decorations? Look no further than the humble banana leaf. These versatile leaves—or something similar, such as ti or aspidistra—have long been a florist’s best-kept secret. When used to line the inside of a glass vase, textured leaves hide unsightly flower stems and lend a polished feel. But that’s only one easy-to-execute idea.

Need candles? Wrap glass candleholders in textured plant leaves like banana leaves. To do so, use scissors to cut a strip from a study leaf, making sure the height of the leaf is equal to that of the glass candle holder. Use double-sided tape to adhere the leaf to the vase, overlapping the leaf until the glass surface is covered. To finish, use twine, raffia, or ribbon to tie a bow or simple knot around the center of the candleholder.
Got snacks? Need a cute way to serve them? Enter the banana leaf as party cone. To create your homemade party cone, cut leaves into squares of desired size; six to eight inches is recommended. Roll each into a cone, and fasten with a toothpick or bamboo skewer. Fill with your favorite finger snacks and serve.
Textured plant leaves also dress up fruit platters. Layer banana leaves on serving platters and top with an assortment of tropical fruit. Offer bamboo skewers so guests can spear their favorites.
Banana leaves can be special ordered through Central Market, or find them at Asian or Latin food marts. Ti and aspidistra are available at Central Market anytime.
These humble leaves are real party savers.
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