Ice Cream Just Got Cooler at Central Market

As the weather heats up, our thoughts turn to delicious treats that can help cool us off. Recently we added two new brands of ice cream to our frozen foods lineup: Graeter’s (available everywhere but Houston) and Jeni’s Splendid Ice Creams. Eat a scoop or two solo, or, for a gourmet twist on the old apple-pie-and-vanilla-ice-cream routine, pick up a fruit pie from our bakery and top a slice with one of these dreamy creams. You’ll be astounded by the new flavor combinations.

Graeter’s secret recipe of fresh cream and egg custard is swirled along the chilled sides of a slowly spinning French pot freezer. As the blend thickens, a blade softly scrapes the sides of the pot, folding the ice cream into itself. The final step: fresh ingredients are added to create enticing flavor profiles. The gentle folding process means no air gets whipped into the ice cream, resulting in an extremely dense and creamy consistency. Although a typical pint of ice cream can weigh as little as 8 ounces, a Graeter’s pint weighs nearly a full pound! Graeter’s ice cream is so rich and creamy that every pint is packed by hand.

Jeni Britton Bauer and her husband, Charly Bauer, founded Jeni’s Splendid Ice Creams in 2002 using top-quality milk from grass-fed cows. Frustrated by icy and crumbly homemade ice cream, Jeni invested in a $59 ice cream maker and proceeded to test and retest recipes until she devised a formula to make creamy, sturdy ice cream at home. Her recipe for an American-style ice cream contains no eggs, allowing her amazing flavor combinations to shine. BTW, Jeni will be at the Central Market cooking school August 8-12, sharing her flavor-pairing wisdom and demonstrating creative ways to serve homemade ice creams and sorbets. Find a class near you.

This afternoon, the CM Fort Worth crew tasted several varieties of these new pints, and we were so impressed! Graeter’s vanilla presented a true, clean vanilla flavor, which would pair well with a warm slice of a berry pie. The black raspberry chocolate chip, with its deep, chocolate flavor on top of rich, sweet black raspberries, was everyone’s hands-down favorite. It’s best enjoyed on its own.

Jeni’s Riesling poached pear sorbet was like a spoonful of sweet, perfectly ripe pear. Even our resident pear-hater liked this one! Try it with a slice of chocolate cake for pure heaven. Speaking of chocolate, Jeni’s dark chocolate (pictured) left a pleasing, lingering flavor of dutch chocolate. Go for apple pie with this one. Finally, Jeni’s salty caramel, another must-eat, was buttery, sweet, rich and golden, with a touch of salt to balance the sweetness. It’s almost too good to describe! Try it for yourself.

Don’t miss these gourmet ice creams, available now in the frozen foods section of your Central Market.

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connie schumacher wrote on 6/24/2015 9:35:20 AM

what are the shortbread bits in the ice cream made off? they are terrible.

Patrick Bezdek wrote on 5/16/2015 1:12:11 PM

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chuck fougnier wrote on 12/9/2012 2:44:17 PM

I just noticed central market has started to downsize the premium ice cream from the 1/2 gallon to 48oz. containers. I know others have been doing this and I stopped buying such items. I will now have to add this brand to the list and just wait for specials on other brands. What a shame.

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