Central Market Sushi Makes a Nice, Light Meal

When you need to make a smarter, more healthful decision at mealtime, stop by Central Market’s sushi bar, where sushi chefs are slicing and dicing fresh fish—maki sushi (with white and brown rice), nigiri, hand rolls, tataki, sashimi and spring rolls—from open till close. Everything is made fresh daily, and there’s no holdover from the previous day.

The pre-packed assortment in the chilled case makes it easy to grab and go, and packages contain colorful combinations of standards and specialties, the latter of which changes daily. You can also mix and match your favorites, priced smartly at $3.95 for one, $6.95 for two and $9.95 for three. Our chefs also make sushi to order, so if you don’t see exactly what you want in the case, don’t hesitate to ask.

Consider sushi when you’re entertaining, too—whether for a casual book club among girlfriends or a couples’ dinner party. Instead of the standard cheese and crackers or antipasti, try an assortment of bite-size maki sushi or spring rolls as appetizers. Looking for a beer or wine to pair? No problem. Just ask a Partner in the Wine department.

If you like to try before you buy, expect sushi demos Friday-Sunday, 11 am-6 pm, or simply ask for a bite of whatever catches your eye. As with other Central Market departments, our sushi chefs are happy to offer samples.

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