Best of Hatch 2014

We know for a fact, the chiles that we get from Hatch, NM, are pound for pound the best around. And we get really excited to add Hatch peppers to a slew of product, but today we're ready to name the best of the best. Below are our 2014 favorite Hatch products, from new and exclusive products to our tried and true favorites.

All of the following products will be in store beginning August 1st.
  • RoRo’s Hatch Chiles & Cheese Dinn-A-Rolls - Limited edition all natural fully cooked yeast dinner rolls layered with Hatch chiles, Monterey jack and cheddar cheese. These rolls are a Central Market exclusive and available in our Frozen department.
  • The Original Tex-Mex Hatch Chile Queso - A Go Texan product and Central Market Exclusive. Hatch Chile Peppers, tomatoes, onions, Southwest spices are blended with real cheeses for a mild to medium heat. Perfect for dipping.
  • Central Market Slow Roasted Hatch Chile Pepper Hummus - Topped with Autumn Roast Hatch Chile Peppers & Roasted Onions. Slow Roasted Hatch Chiles are a limited reserve premium chile that are deeply fire roasted for the longest period of time to obtain optimal caramelization of the chiles’s natural sugars.  The result is a hearty, robust and smooth heat flavor.
  • Salem Baking Thin & Crispy Hatch Chocolate Chip Cookies - The name says it all: thin, crispy, and spiced with hatch peppers. These Central Market exclusives are a sweet treat and maybe your new addiction.
  • Marich Dark Chocolate Covered Hatch Almonds - These almonds are a snack that we can not put down. With a thin layer of toffee between the almonds and the Hatch infused chocolate, these little nuts pack the kick of Hatch you want and still satisfy your favorite tooth. Available in the Bulk Department.
  • Robert Rothschild Hatch Pasta Sauce - Traditional Southern Italian puttanesca sauce. Sweet tomatoes are combined with Hatch peppers and Kalamata olives to create a sweet and tangy taste sensation.
  • Urban Accents Corn on Cob Seasoning - Great on more than just corn – try it on all types of veggies, popcorn, burgers, not to mention Margaritas and Bloody Mary’s! A must-have for every cookout.
  • Hatch Pepper Tortillas - Our classic all natural flour tortillas are made with the addition of diced roasted hot Hatch peppers and roasted garlic. A customer favorite every year.
  • Cheddar & Hatch Pepper Loaf - Soft bread full of shredded & cubed cheddar cheese and roasted hot Hatch peppers. Perfect for putting a twist into your sandwich. Available in the Bakery.
  • Chef Case Quesadillas - From Hatch Chicken Quesadilla and Bison & Hatch Chile Quesadilla to Hatch Chile Shrimp Quesadilla and Hatch & Chorizo. Our quesadillas are made daily and stuffed full of our favorite green gems for a limited time.
  • Also from the Chef’s Case, Hatch Pesto Cream Sauce and Roasted Hatch Poblano Pesto are versatile for pastas, sauces for proteins, used in a salad dressing, and in-store for a limited time. 
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POLLY wrote on 8/24/2015 7:20:12 PM

what is a hatch of something? we don't have a hatch of anything in the deep south so just wondering what the equivalent is?

Robert Xavier wrote on 8/8/2015 10:11:31 PM

Was born and raised near Hatch, and like most in that area, ate green chile for breakfast, lunch and dinner, and never bored of it! God bless Central Market for bringing back so many memories and good eating.

Candice Reeser wrote on 4/18/2015 4:29:44 PM

I've always used Hatch red chile powder for tacos. But the last of my family connections who shipped it to me is gone. PLEASE add a variety of the red chile powders (from Hatch) for your next festival. I'll buy plenty to last me until the next festival. I was disappointed the last time I went to your festival thinking I'd find some, but didn't. Thank you!! Candice Reeser

julie wrote on 1/30/2015 11:55:48 PM

I really appreciate it that you shared with us such a informative article. Thanks for sharing.

julie rawat wrote on 10/8/2014 12:06:50 AM

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fleabag wrote on 8/19/2014 5:42:18 PM

I grew up in the "Chile Capitol of the World" Picked them, roasted them and ate them.

Tim wrote on 8/16/2014 10:40:15 AM

Hatch, Hatch baby !! I love working at Central Market Westgate during our Hatch Chile Festival.

Debbie R. wrote on 8/15/2014 7:44:27 PM

Love your fantastic Hatch chiles, meats, sausages ,chocolate, etc. They give such a zest to everything! Bless ya'll for having this and please continue! Thank you, Thank you, Thank you!

Angie wrote on 8/12/2014 6:36:07 PM

We love this time of year at CM! Question... does the Beemster Hatch Gouda need to be refrigerated?

Hayley wrote on 8/10/2014 2:25:07 PM

I grew up in Silver City, NM, about an hour north of Hatch, NM. My family would by hundred pound burlap sacks of green chili directly from the grower every year. My dad would roast it on the charcoal grill in our backyard and then we would help 'put it up', which means prep it and freeze it. Mom cooked with it all year long. When I first discovered Central Market and the Hatch festival, I thought I had died and gone to heaven!! Can't wait to go back this month and load up again! Thanks, Central Market, for taking me back to one of the best times of my childhood!

lou g wrote on 8/6/2014 11:31:19 AM

Born and raised in Raton, NM, close to the NM/CO state line, we grew up on Hatch Green chile. My father would buy a sack full and roast them, freeze them, and we'd have them all Winter. When I joined the Air Force, I'd go to Raton on vacation and enjoy the Hatch chiles. When I got stationed at Lackland AFB, I'd go to Raton and bring back either fresh or frozen Hatch chiles. After retirement in San Antonio, I did the same each year until Central Market began the Hatch chile festival. I go every August and buy whatever Hatch goodies I think I will eat, and of course, the chiles that I freeze..

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