Central Coast Classic, Hahn Estates

If you have spent any time in the Central Coast area of California, then you don't need me to remind you how beautiful it is. Often at the end of a trip, the only thing that can bring solace, is remembering when you found that jewel of a winery creating the rare combination exceptional wines and an exceptional price, like those from Hahn Estates.

I have been drinking the wines from Hahn Estates for years now, and I’ve got to say they are easily one of the best values out there. In fact, in my department at the Central Market in Houston, we have not one, but three of our employees with their “Employee Pick” on the Hahn Meritage. This wine is also a hit during the holidays with even the harshest wine critics in your family.
Monterey County is the setting for this beloved Central Coast Winery. The land was originally the Smith horse ranch and the Hook cattle ranch, which were converted into vineyards because of the perfectly suited conditions for growing grapes. In 1980, the Hahn family’s Smith & Hook Winery, released its first Cabernet to high acclaim. Then, in 1991 Nicky Hahn decided to open the Hahn Winery, to expand the brand, and utilize the different terroirs in the different vineyards. Today they grow many different grapes from Grenache to Syrah and from Chardonnay to Rosé.
Quick fact, in German, “Hahn” means “Rooster” and the family choose to add the rooster on the logo and label, to honor their heritage.

Make sure not to miss, Greg Freeman, winemaker for Hahn, who will be coming to many of our stores this week. Greg was born in Houston, and graduated from Stephen F. Austin. He now oversees all off site wine production and will be pouring his wines during our Wine Week, and if we’re really lucky he’ll bring his bagpipes!

Plano on 7/9, 4pm - 7pm
Fort Worth on 7/10, 5pm - 8pm
Southlake on 7/11, 12pm - 3pm
Dallas Preston Royal on 7/12, 12pm - 3pm
Dallas Lovers Lane on 7/13, 12pm - 3pm
Austin Westgate on 7/14, 4pm - 7pm
Houston on 7/15, 4pm - 7pm
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