Falernia at Southlake

Central Market Southlake welcomes Falernia's winemaker Giorgio Flessati tonight for our Wine Stroll, July 10, 5pm - 8pm.

With an impressive resume that spans decades, including stints at Cheval Blanc and F.Mochel, this talented Italian oenologist eventually joined forces in 1998 with Pisco producer and visionary Aldo Olivier to embark on a grand adventure - to produce fine wines in a distant and secluded region in Northern Chile's Elqui Valley, closer to the equator than any Chilean winery had ever attempted.

Transforming the valley floor was an amazing undertaking including no less than redirecting a river employing only a tractor, some shovels, a lot of muscle, and likely a fair share of loud swearing in Italian, all to plant what would later become award-winning Carmenere and Syrah. Their uniquely delicious dry Pedro Ximenez is a delightful and refreshing departure from the sweet whites that are traditionally made with this Spanish varietal. 
This is a rare opportunity to meet a pioneer of the Chilean winemaking world, and, of course, taste some fabulous whites & reds!

Reserve your spot now or sign up at the store tonight.
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