Bedazzle Your Favorite Dishes

Think of Fresh Origins Flower & Herb Crystals as sprinkles for Foodies. Instead of adding rainbow or chocolate sprinkles to your favorite desserts, you can add rich crystals of real mint, basil, and more.

The fresh herbs and flowers are hand-harvested at the peak of flavor, sweetened with real cane sugar and freeze-dried. The result is a unique ingredient to add to anything from desserts to cocktails to savory dishes! 
For cocktails. Dissolved the crispy granules into any cocktail, or use them alone for an instant, all-natural mixer. You can also add crystals to the rim of your glass margarita-style for a burst of extra flavor. For desserts. The crystals make an excellent garnish for cakes and cupcakes, toppings for ice cream or yogurt, or even an extra hint of flavor when baked in your sweet treats.
Unsure how to use the crystals? Try this:
  • Basil:  Sprinkle over fresh fruit, salads, savory dishes, and beverages. Also, pair with tomatoes, cheese, and pastas.
  • Fennel: Add flavor to seared scallops or salmon, or add texture to salads. 
  • Rose: Perfect with chocolate, mini-cupcakes, canapés, sorbet, fruit salads, and mixed green salads.  
  • Cilantro: Sprinkle on salsa, gazpacho, or guacamole. Also add flavor to Latin or Asian dishes, or tequila-based cocktails. 
  • Hibiscus: Pair with smoked salmon or raw oysters.
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