We're Boasting About Our Roasting

We know you're familiar with the selection of fresh meats in our Deli, though it's possible our selection of in-house roasted meats have been hiding in plain sight. Lucky for you, we're putting them front and center as a July Foodie Find.

It's not unusual for delis to describe their goods as "fresh," but at Central Market "fresh" actually means something. 
In some delis, the word "fresh" just means "freshly sliced," as in the meat you ordered was sliced in front of you at the counter. Not so at Central Market. In our Deli, fresh means exactly what you think it means – fresh-roasted in our stores, never processed, never pre-packaged. Our meats arrive in store daily without nitrates or nitrites and are roasted daily by our Executive Chefs using our exclusive Central Market rubs and marinades. 

Along with our pork (pictured), you’ll find turkey, top-round Angus beef and lamb marinated in flavors like
Honey Dijon, Cajun, Berbere, Garlic Rosemary, Calabrese, Greek seasonings, and more. 

Here, try this: Instead of your same ol’ lunch, dress up your brown bag with our roast beef and sharp Cheddar cheese for a classic sandwich combo, or fill a Naan with roasted lamb and Tzatziki sauce for a great snack. Lunch will quickly become the best part of your day! 

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