Roam on the Range

The story of Lava Lake Lamb is so much more than the amazing loin chops, rib racks, and legs that are now exclusively available at your local Central Market.  On nearly one million acres of rangeland just outside Sun Valley, Idaho the story begins with a focus on preserving the beautiful land where sheep graze and caring for the sheep in a way that has been done for centuries.

There are no fences to be found at Lava Lake, and in fact there are very few roads. And it quickly became clear to our market team that visited Lava Lake this June, that the bands of about 1,000 sheep have the right of way in this area of Idaho.

A team of experienced horse mounted shepherds and a trusty group of border collies and Great Pyrenees help guide the sheep from the south base camp the 125 miles into the northern mountains. This trek allows the lamb to graze freely on the clean, wild grasses and herbs coming to life in the late spring and early summer which keeps the animals extremely healthy, as well as allowing the natural habitat to not be vastly depleted by over a short period of time.  The team at Lava Lake has a deep committment to conservation and restoration of the entire Pioneer Mountain region. You can read more about their environmental committment on the Lava Lake website.

The 100% grass-fed lambs are never given antibiotics or hormones, and drink mother's milk all their lives which results in a fit, healthy animal with a distinctive, mild flavor, that is also very rich in omega-3 fatty acids, Vitamin E and beta-carotene, and lower in fat than grain-fed meat. 

Fresh Lava Lake Lamb is only available from July to September. 
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