Are You a Habitual Hatch Hoarder or Hopeless Hatch-Head?

If you are, then you have patiently waited all year for this, and now there are only a few more days before those precious peak-of-season peppers from Hatch, New Mexico roll into our stores. And we promise that your patience will be rewarded. From fresh to roasted, sweet to savory, and everything in between, we have all your Hatch needs covered starting August 7th.

Hot days and cool nights give this chile a flavor all its own, and for the past 18 years, we’ve perfected not just our festival, but also recipes and products that showcase the best of this chile. We work with the same farmer in the village of Hatch, every year to make sure our harvest produces only the biggest, most flavorful peppers, and our in-store roasters have over 100 years of combined roasting experience. No one brings you more ways to love Hatch peppers than we do.
Here is a sneak peak of some of what we have been working on, all of which will be in your store very soon:
  • Hatch and Monterey Jack Stuffed Burger - Stuffed simply does not do this burger justice. Flavorful Angus beef is seasoned and precisely packed with perfect peppers, bacon, and tangy Jack cheese for a don’t-miss, juicy burger experience. Available in the Market.
  • Limited-Edition Hatch Chocolate Bars from Patric Chocolates - The result of precise roasting, careful refining, and the use of only a handful of fine ingredients is Patric's Limited-Edition Dark Chocolate bar with Hatch chiles, habanero sea salt, and Spanish paprika. 
  • Central Market Autumn Roast®* Hatch Chile Pepper Hummus - Our classic hummus blended and topped with roasted onions and roasted Hatch chile peppers. The premium chiles are fire-roasted as long as possible for a hearty, robust, and smooth heat flavor. Available in Dairy.
  • Savoy Fire & Ice Sorbet - The fire of Hatch chile peppers added to the crisp coolness of thyme, tequila, and lime sorbet. Need we say more?
  • RoRo’s Hatch Chiles & Cheese Dinn-A-Rolls - Are you thinking what we're thinking? Hatch chiles and cheese added to RoRo's delicious rolls? Hatch, yeah! Available in Frozen.
  • Hatch Pimento Cheese - We took Pam's classic pimento cheese and made it a bit more perky with fire-roasted Hatch peppers. This is sure to be a new favorite. Available on the Bulk Bar.
  • Maryland-Style Hatch Crab Cake & Hatch Chile Remoulade - Our fresh Hatch chiles add a subtle yet distinctive hint of flavor to our signature crab cakes. Perfect served with the creamiest of condiments, also prepared in-store with roasted Hatch chiles. Available in Seafood.
  • Urban Accents Hatch Corn on the Cob Seasoning - New for the Hatch Festival this year! Urban Accents Corn on the Cob Hatch Chile Seasoning will add the spicy flavor of Hatch chiles to a backyard barbecue staple.
  • Oogie's Hatch Con Queso Popcorn - These popcorn proprietors added our favorite pepper to their signature made-by-hand snack and then added a bit of cheese on top of that. We think it might be love.
  • Hatch Chiles with a French Accent - In our cooking school, learn a little bit about French cooking techniques as Ellise Pierce shows you how to make classic dishes that showcase the flavors of the current crop of Hatch chiles.

*Permission by Bueno Foods
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Lou Georgieff wrote on 8/2/2013 3:30:05 PM

Growing up in NE NM my parents bought Hatch green chilies every year in the fall. My Dad would roast and freeze many bags of the chile. After I joined USAF, I didn't get Hatch chile except when I went to NM to visit. In 1969 when I was assigned to Lackland as an MTI, I decided to make SA my home and except for some overseas tours alone, I've been a resident. When HEB first started the Hatch festival, I missed many as the first few years, there wasn't as many peppers and I don't believe the festival lasted this long. About 8 years ago, and old friend of my wife and I passed away, and as my wife was his executor of estate, we attended his funeral at Ft. Sam Houston. After that, we would visit his grave on Memorial Day and again in Aug so we could go to Central Market for my chilies. I sometimes bought the roasted or sometimes bought fresh and roasted/toasted them at home. I prefer your roasted ones. A few years ago, we went and as I was looking at the chilies and trying to decide, I noticed a sign that read "extra hot". I asked the man stocking the chilies about the sign. He said it was a new variety and they were very hot. I can eat very hot and when I told him I was originally from NM and grew up eating Hatch chilies, he asked if I wanted to taste one. I said yes, he took his pocketknife and cut a small piece of the end and I chewed it. My eyes watered as it was so hot. After I could talk, I said "wow, that's good and hot". A couple that had been standing nearby watching me said something about they certainly didn't want that chile. I bought some peppers anyway, and they really lasted a long time they were so hot. Unfortunately, my wife passed away on 03/06/13, so I visit her grave every month on the 6th at Ft. Sam Houston. So this year, after I visit her, I'll tell her I will still continue to stop at Central Market for my chilies. Thank you HEB for giving me many years of green chile pleasure. This year will be special in a sort of way.

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