Gluten Free: Easier Than I Thought It Would Be

I put off trying new things for way too long. I’m so stubborn that the more people recommend something, the less I want to do it. Some may call me a contrarian, even to the point of my own detriment, and those people would be right. I’ll say no just for the sake of saying no. Then one day I'll wake up and decide to do something, but only after I’ve convinced myself that it was my own idea. So, I’ve been gluten-free for 60 days now, and I cannot believe I didn’t think of it sooner. Why didn’t anyone tell me?

First of all, I can’t believe how easy it is. I don’t miss gluten at all. I wasn’t even really sure what gluten was, or why I was so insistent on eating it, and now I am happy to report that I definitely do not need it. After less than two weeks, I felt a tremendous difference in my energy level, mental clarity, digestive health and – most importantly – my breathing, as a lifelong asthmatic. I’ve tried many diets over the years and had some success, but never felt this healthy. I committed to a 30-day challenge, but quickly decided to make it a permanent lifestyle change. A huge part of my success is owed to Central Market (for making it so easy and delicious), my boss for reminding all of us to try 30-day challenges (another suggestion I usually ignore) and countless, well-meaning friends and acquaintances that I’ve been tuning out for years.

The options for gluten free foods here at Central Market Dallas Lovers are vast. Be sure to check in every department, and often, as we are always bringing in new goodies. There is a full section dedicated to gluten-free in our frozen section now. From pizza to cinnamon rolls, hamburger buns and baguettes to burritos – have whatever you want, your gluten intolerance doesn’t define you here. Around the corner, aisle 7 in Grocery is fun to browse and full of empowering finds, with several pasta options, cereals, baking mixes, ready-made breads and more. Ancient Harvest Quinoa Pasta is amazing - I used it in my old-timey Chili Mac recipe and even my finicky 8 year old loved it. And don’t forget all the flavorful foods that the Asian culture brings us (on the same aisle) – check the labels and you’ll find that many of them are also gluten free.

You’ll also find flourless options in our Bakery and Chef’s Case. You may have read an earlier blog about the mysteriously delicious Chocolate Crispy Cookies – not only flourless (which makes them naturally gluten free), but fat free as well. What are they made of? Well, let’s not ruin the mystery, they’re sweet, gooey and satisfying without the guilt. And simply check the brightly colored item tags in our Chef’s Case for summery salads, hearty proteins and nutty grains that are all naturally gluten free and fabulous. If you’re not sure of the ingredients, just ask one of our knowledgeable Partners for advice.  

I’m not saying that a gluten free diet is for everyone – some people genuinely don’t have an allergy to it or even the slightest intolerance. Obviously some research is involved before you start, but wheat allergy is more common than I ever realized (I won’t bore you with statistics – I know you can Google) and many people just feel better in general by cutting their gluten intake, whether they had any specific symptoms or not. It took a little determination at first - believe me when I say that no one loves a sandwich more than me. Take it from a girl who used to make a meal out of bread and wine (did I mention that wine is gluten free?) – if I can do it you can. You don’t have to suffer or sacrifice. And if you’re going to do it, do it up right. Do it fabulous. Do it here, at Central Market. We’ll help.
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Nancy LaBarba ~ Lalumia wrote on 4/7/2014 11:43:30 PM

Try GLUTEN FREE toffee's from TEXAS TOFFEE QUEEN'S many flavors in the BAKERY near refrigerated cakes and puddings. Callebaut Belgian Chocolate and lots of Blue Diamond Almonds make our toffee's AWARD WINNERS. Try our SPICY toffee's, YUM !!

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