For Tanning, No. For Sautéing, Yes!

Perhaps it’s possible you could get a tasty tan from this coconut oil. But I don’t recommend trying. Instead use NuCo Coconut Oil, an inaugural Foodie Find, for your food-related browning needs.

You can feel good about using it because NuCo’s Coconut Oil is made from certified organic coconuts grown in the Philippines using sustainable harvesting methods. And as a bonus the oil also stays liquid at room temperature, which means it is easy to pour.

The secret is a physical, chemical-free process that gets rid of the “bad fat” like trans-fatty acids and cholesterol. All you’re left with is a clear, 100% pure liquid coconut oil and a wealth of ways to use it, from sautéing salmon to dressing up salads.

To add just the slightest hint of coconut to your favorite dish, try NuCo’s Original flavor. If you’re feeling adventurous, try NuCo Premium Liquid Coconut Oil in Lemon Herb or Garlic – with a few fresh herbs - and it might just become your new favorite bread dip. 

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