Farm-Raised Salmon = Sad Bears

Yes, poor bears. But their loss is your gain. Verlasso premium salmon is the most responsibly raised — and best tasting — farmed salmon in the world, which is why it's one our of Foodie Finds.

If you love lean, heart-healthy salmon that happens to be harmoniously raised in tune with the environment, then you've gotta try Verlasso salmon.

Farming in the cold, pure waters in the Patagonia Region off the coast of Chile gives Verlasso farms a clear advantage. The lack of industrialization in the area means a clean environment.   Verlasso’s sustainable method of farming ensures the environment is kept that way.

The method involves giving their salmon a pretty good life. Verlasso salmon are rasied in pens submerged over very deep water and are tended by farmers living on the water with the fish.   Unlike other salmon farms, Verlasso keeps the number of fish in each pen lower than the industry requires. This gives the salmon plenty of room to be active and swim.

The result is a leaner, healthier salmon that still contains the omega-3’s you need and the fresh, clean taste you want. 

Speaking of taste, now that you have the world's best-tasting salmon, what are you going to do with it? Our Seafood Experts can help with cooking recommendations. If you're looking to get creative, browse our recipe database for ideas. For ideas on new fruity, foodie flavors to make your taste buds happy, check out the Belberry line of fruit-based vinegars, also a Foodie Find. Come back and share with us some of your favorite combinations! 

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Kevin wrote on 9/16/2014 7:15:38 PM

Farm raised is farm raised end of story !!! They are fed fish by products and die to get the red color , eat wild caught only

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