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It’s an exciting time to be a beer lover in Texas. Craft breweries are exploding on the scene, and it’s never been easier to acquire small batch, short supply, limited season, custom crafted IPAs, stouts and saisons in pints, bottles and growlers. The heavy hitters of the craft beer revolution are coming to Dallas Lovers, live and in-person, this weekend for a special tasting event and it’s creating quite a local buzz.

This is only offered at the Dallas Lovers store, where our resident "Beer Guys", Alex, Ben and Rich, are generating a following of discriminating designated drinkers who in turn support our community by patronizing local brewers. Hard-to-find favorites are chillin' here at our store, as well as unique samplings of the latest innovations that are sure to become your new precious.  

Check out this impressive line up we’ve booked for you:
Friday, August 2nd, 4-7 pm:
Franconia Brewing (McKinney, TX)
Martin House Brewing Co. (Ft. Worth, TX)
Rahr & Sons Brewing Co. (Ft. Worth, TX)

Saturday, August 3rd, 1-4 pm:
Deep Ellum Brewing Co. (Dallas, TX)

Saturday, August 3rd, 2-5 pm:
Lakewood Brewing Co. (Dallas, TX)

Sunday, August 4th, 1-4 pm:
Leprechaun Cider Co. (Houston, TX)
No Label Brewing Co. (Houston, TX)
Not only will you taste these inspired creations from this impressive list of breweries in our beer and wine department, but you’ll have an opportunity for questions and open discussion with some of the most knowledged and passionate Texan hop-heads of our time.

SPOILER ALERT:  Our shindig doubles as a grand opening for three of Franconia’s newest bottles, which unveil to the public mere hours before they arrive at our store. Franconia Wheat, Kolsch, and Dunkel have only been available on draft until now, where you’ll see the new packaging for the first time and have the opportunity to take some home with you.

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