Add Some Serious Spice

O, Canada! Did you know our northern neighbors make a mean mustard?

And why shouldn’t they? After all, Canada is home to 90% of the world’s mustard seed. Our July Foodie Find, Kozlik’s Canadian Mustard, has been spreading the love since 1948. 

Still hand-crafted in small batches by the newest generation of Kozliks, the unique flavors of these mustards pack a punch. The family makes its mustards – the second most popular seasonig in the world, right behind black pepper – from all natural mustard powder, cracked seeds and seeds without any preservatives for a host of sweet, savory and spicy mustards.

Whether you’ve got hot dogs to spice up, asparagus to dip, salads to dress or meats to marinade, discover a true foodie flavor. Got barbecue? You want Kozlik’s Sweet & Smokey mustard. Add a taste of savory Canada with Triple Crunch Mustard, made with three mustard seeds and a dash of Canadian Club whiskey.

Browse our recipe database for dishes ready for your new favorite Kozlik’s mustard. 
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