Chocolate Indulgence

Our Chocolate Indulgence event is here! Feb. 1-14 your Central Market will transform into a chocolate wonderland filled with an outrageously sinful selection of decadent chocolate bars, confections, truffles and treats.

We have a calendar full of fun chocolate activities planned for you over these 2 weeks. You can meet chocolate makers and artisan chocolatiers, get hands-on in chocolate cooking classes, and you for sure don't want to miss our Chocolate Stroll on 2/9. 

It’s a two-week countdown to Valentine’s Day, so even if you don’t like chocolate (who ARE you?!), perhaps your Valentine would enjoy a selection of our exclusive chocolate bars or a box of Dilettante Chocolates inspired by the recipes of the Master Pastry Chef for the Emperor of Austria in the early 1900s. Seriously. We have those.
But it's not just sweet treats: The whole store is in on Chocolate Fest, so you'll find chocolate for the grill, like Espresso Cocoa Beef New York Strip Steaks and Smoked Paprika and Cocoa Dry-Rubbed Chicken Breasts, Salami De Cacao for cheese platters, and orchids that smell like chocolate. Yes, I just said that. Orchids that smell like chocolate. Now that's a special flower!

Even our Wine & Beer Partners are getting in on the chocolate fun, so if you like to drink your chocolate, look for Atwater Decadent Dark Chocolate Ale from Detroit. It smells like vanilla milk chocolate and tastes like milk chocolate with a extra-velvety smooth mouth-feel thanks to a low amount of carbonation. It’s like a chocolate truffle in a glass! And, of course, we have a range of wines that will be perfect for a special Valentine dinner, so don’t forget to pick up a bottle when you stop in to get the roses and lobster. (And perhaps those Emperor of Austria truffles, amirite?)

Chocolate Stroll
The aisles will be full of tasting stations so you can sample some of the world's finest chocolate bars, crowd-pleasing classics, and edgy, avant-garde chocolate items throughout the store.  You'll learn a little bit about how chocolate is made, discover unexpected pairings, and delight in the abundance of new products. So mark your calendar for Feb. 9, register on line for your store, and join us for an evening of indulgence!

Come join the Chocolate Fest fun! We’re busy baking Chocolate Pecan Chess Pies and prepping Smoked Paprika and Cocoa Dry-Rubbed Chicken, just for you. Indulge!
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