Orange You Surprised I Said Mango?

Mangos for our Citrusational Citrus Fest? Not exactly... Mango Oranges have dropped into Central Market, and are making a name for themselves here in our Produce aisle. There outer appearance can fool you to think its a normal run of the mill orange, but once you cut them open you will come to find they are anything but ordinary.

The best way to describe the taste would be a smooth creamy sweet type of flavor and texture, possibly a sherbet type of ice cream?  The hint of mango and low acid combined with high vitamin c make for a delicious healthy treat!

Central Market is fortunate to carry this distinctive item being that very few growers even carry this seasonal citrus. While it hails all the way from North Africa, you can rest easy in knowing our produce team at Central Market welcome it with open arms from here in South Texas.
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