Clementines are Cuter

I bet my kid could eat this whole display of Clementines. She is only one small child, but can go through a case of them in record time. They are the perfect snack size, always juicy, and pack a lot of zing into a cute little package. And with no pesky seeds to worry about, they’re so easy for kids to peel and eat.  

This bright orange ball of flavor is a cross between a Mandarin and an orange and resembles a tangerine, but for some reason they are just cuter. Clementines are at their peak from mid-November through January, so it’s prime time to grab a box from our bountiful displays, just like this one in front of our Dallas Lovers store.  

But wait, there’s more... January is the peak of the citrus season, so stop by any of our stores and enjoy our CITRUSATIONAL celebration, Jaunary 15th through the 28th.
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