Citrus Comes Alive at Dallas Lovers

Walk up to our main entrance this week and the invigorating aroma of citrus will waft over you like an orange grove in Florida. It seems like you can reach out and pluck a Pummelo or Blood Orange right off the branch and devour it.  The citrus displays are sensational, and the trees are provided by Sunshine Miniature Trees. Another piece of sweet news? They’re right here in Dallas.  

Sunshine Miniature Trees is located just 5 miles north of our store on Greenville Avenue. They are a family-owned nursery that has served the Dallas community since 1965. You can buy every piece of imaginable citrus delight right here at Central Market, and browse the tree selection while you’re with us. If you become so inspired to start your own orchard at home, dash down to Sunshine and get the whole plant.
Pictured above is the Meyer Lemon Tree, and it smells amazing. It’s worth a trip to the store just to get a whiff.
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