But Wait... There Are More Ways to Use It

Cooking is the natural first path for any Foodie when thinking about what to do with a new item, including this month's peak of season citrus fruit, but these amazing acidic fruits are awesome for so many other projects around your kitchen and home.  

Here is a list of DIY inspired projects for when you are ready to take a break from cooking your favorite citrus fruit:
  • Use leftover lemon rinds to clean your garbage disposal, by sending them down the drain with a few cubes of ice.
  • Alternately, throw juiced rinds into your dishwasher (yep, free floating, just toss ‘em in) and marvel at the brightened, spotless, residue-free dishes.
  • Add lemon juice to your laundry as a detergent-booster and brightener. You can also apply undiluted lemon juice to ink or rust stains, then wash the garment as normal. If you add salt to make a thick paste, it’ll work wonders on mildew stains.
  • Pure lemon juice can be used to polish copper. Lemon with a bit of salt will polish brass or stainless steel. Lemon sprinkled with cream of tartar will polish aluminum. All of these are great for cleaning a faucet (whatever metal it may be) and removing lime scale or hard water deposits.
  • Half a lemon and salt rubbed over your cutting board can be used to deodorize and sanitize.
  • Boil leftover fresh orange peels as a free and easy air-freshener.
  • Save your orange peels and air-dry them spread on paper or cloth towels. Then bind them up in little sachets, and throw one in each of your drawers. They smell great and they even help to keep critters away.
  • Add orange peels to your garbage to keep bugs away (especially useful in outdoor situations, such as camping).
  • A bit of orange peel in your brown sugar will keep it from getting hard and clumpy.
  • Dry grapefruit completely and then use it as kindling to start your fire. No, really! It’s effective and it smells great (orange works as well).
  • Cut a grapefruit in half and dip it in salt. Now you’re ready to scrub the tub!
  • Use a solution of grapefruit juice with vinegar to clean your non-wood floors.
  • Sprinkle citrus peels around your garden, to keep it from becoming the neighborhood litter box, kitties hate the smell. 
Now the only thing to do, is to wait for it to get warm enough outside for lemonade on the porch.

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