Brilliant Bargain Bordeauxs

What better way to start of the new year than to find great wines at affordable prices. When many hear the word, “Bordeaux,” they think expensive and complicated to understand. In the hopes of debunking this myth that myth, we have found five great wines to highlight from Bordeaux, all under $15!

Chateau Rauzan Despagne Rouge and Chateau Rauzan Despagne Blanc:
Jean-Louis Despagne took charge of Chateau Tour de Mirambeau in 1969, which stretched over 20 hectares at the time. With his wife Odile, they extended the property and improved the quality of the wines. 
In 2003, Jean-Louis left the business in the hands of his children and the next generation, Thibault, Gabriel & Basaline. The red blend is 86 % Merlot, 8 % Cabernet Sauvignon, and 6 % Cabernet Franc.  Good fruit that is immediately expressive and open. The ripeness of fruit persists nicely, where the tannins are rather soft and dry, but seem well balanced. The white is 34 % Sauvignon Blanc, 33 % Sémillon, and 33 % Muscadelle. The wine is yellow-green in color and is characterized by a nose of citrus fruits and an exotic touch of passion fruit.
Chateau Sauman:
The Chateau belongs to the Sauman SINAN - Braud family for over five generations.   In the early 1900s , the Chateau Sauman became a vineyard and a true family farm.  Belonging to the same family for over 5 generations now, Chateau Sauman overlooks the estuary of the Gironde and is located north of the Côtes de Bourg , a name with a unique personality within the family of the great wines of Bordeaux.  It enjoys a microclimate that protects spring frosts and clay-limestone slopes make an exception for the Merlot Black, main grape of the Cotes de Bourg earth.  The planting of 25 acres of our family farm is naturally representative of the appellation. This wine is very dark ruby with reddish-orange glints, currants and dusty red clay, a lot of minerality on the nose and palate along with smooth tannins to provide structure. Great with beef, lamb and pork chops!
Chateau Mayne de Valence:
Owned by the Riviere family for several generations, this beautiful winery is located in the municipality of Sainte-Terre, adjacent to the southern jurisdiction of Saint Emilion, Mayne Valence produces superb red Bordeaux and Bordeaux Supérieur. The estate is an ancient fort of the fifteenth century and the beautiful mansion has two raised towers surrounded by vineyards on twenty acres.  The wine is aged and subjected to rigorous temperature control and fermentation.  A subtle blend enhances the fruity wine without the wood being too dominant. The harmonious balance leads to tastes of crushed berries, with hints of cocoa and spices. Medium-bodied, with a solid core of fine tannins and a long finish. Enjoy with meat, poultry game and cheese.
Chateau Barat Rose:
The Chateau is on the outskirts of Bordeaux, in the little village of Camarsac. In the heart of the Entre-Deux-Mers region, Château Barat’s vineyard is excellently situated. The estate was consecutively occupied by the Black Prince, Duguesclin, Lord of Canteloup and the Marquis de Gères.  In 1973, the estate was bought by Lucien Lurton who restructured the vineyard and the cellar. The Rose is complex, with loads of mineral, ripe raspberry and cherry flavors.  Barat Rosé can be appreciated as aperitif but also on the table with cold starters or during a light lunch. Its fruitiness will seduce any consumer, and its round and fleshy structure will be appreciated by the connoisseurs.
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