Aromatic and Dramatic: The Buddha's Hand

What do you do with this? Besides using it as a prop in your homemade sci-fi moview, and you can do that if you want, but these fragrant “lemon fingers” have useful purposes and are actually quite beautiful.

One whiff and you’ll notice that a Buddha’s Hand is the most dramatic and misunderstood of all the citrus fruits. It’s not a fruit to eat just for the sake of eating – it’s much more complex than that. You’ll need to do a little research in order to fully realize its possibilities, so we’ve compiled some hints for you here at Dallas Lovers in celebration of our CITRUSATIONAL event.

Eat – Use Buddha’s Hand as a zest or aromatic ingredient in recipes. It can be candied or shaved raw into salads. Try the zest in your favorite fish marinade. Pop off a finger of this fruit, add it to a jar of sea salt and let it absorb the flavor for use in recipes.

Drink – Infuse into vodka for a citron liqueur or make a simple syrup to add to refreshing beverages. Use a fancy bottle and you’ve got an instant gift for the lemon lover in your life.
Home – Use some kitchen twine to hang it anywhere you want to smell lemony and fresh or make it a new and interesting addition to a centerpiece. Break off pieces and place in a dish in any room – they are so fragrant you can even just leave the whole thing in your fruit bowl on the kitchen counter or table and it will liven up the place. And then you can grab it randomly and wave it at people, just to keep them alert.

Peel the possibilities of the Buddha’s Hand today, available during CITRUSATIONAL at your local Central Market. Feel free to share your ideas below!
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Karen wrote on 1/28/2014 8:59:52 PM

I thought that it was toxic if not cooked. You say it can be put raw shavings into salad. That's good to know! Thanks :-).

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