Winter Citrus Brightens The Mood, Dude

Peel something far out at our annual celebration of citrus fruits January 9-22. Bold oranges, bright yellows, glowing greens, and vibrant reds brighten the winter palette of January. Celebrate the season for citrus in January during Citrus Fest. This year’s event is packed full of “Sour Power” and our trained Partners are ready to educate you on the power of the unique fruits available in store.

Citrus provides a healthy escape route by providing flavor plus a dose of Vitamin C and Potassium:

  • Heirloom Navel: The most flavorful Navel orange in the house; Grown using "old line" Washington Navel trees combined with sour and sweet orange rootstock
  • Cara Cara Orange: Discovered in the mid-seventies at La Hacienda de Cara Cara in Venezuela, it boasts asweet taste with a spicy tang reminiscent of raspberries and strawberries. Cook with it! 
  • Moro Blood Orange: originally from Sicily and common throughout Italy, Moro blood oranges are the connoisseur’s citrus with a complex raspberry flavor. They’re generally deep red, almost black inside
  • Etrog Citron: Try using etrog as an aromatic for pork or seafood dishes as a bolder substitute for lemon
  • Variegated Pink: Try floating in flower vases for added color; ideal for simple fish dishes and vinaigrettes, due to its characteristic flavor
  • Neapolitan Mandarins: a Central Market exclusive, grown on a very small farm on the edge of Los Angeles County. Flavor is very sweet! It’s harvested only once a year, this seedless mandarin will not be around for long
  • Finger Limes: A new variety in America, limited availability; known as the “caviar lime.” Fantastic for seafood, salads and sauces
  • Melogold Grapefruit: These start out as large green orbs, and turn yellow as they ripen. They have a slightly bitter tang and are very juicy
  • Manderinquat: The hybrid of a Mandarin and a kumquat. It has a pale gold flesh that is tart with a few seeds. You can eat the peel if you’re brave enough!

More than a dozen other citrus fruits will be available in produce; plus, citrus will be featured in products on shelves, marinades in Meat and Seafood, in breads and pastries in Bakery, and in special dishes just for the festival from Chef Prepared.

The cooking school also is gettitng in on the act by welcome Chef Brian Overhauser from Hahn SLH Estate Winery. He’ll be creating citrus-infused wine country tapas. The menu includes Lobster Salad with Blood Orange and a Stuffed Pork Tenderloin enhanced with Page Mandarins, each with matched wine pairings.

Austin North Lamar, Saturday, January 12
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Fort Worth, Sunday, January 13

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Houston, Tuesday, January 15

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Dallas Lovers, Wednesday, January 16
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Tina wrote on 1/9/2013 9:30:37 AM

Diggin' your eye-popping Sour Power design on this murky morning! Is it available as a poster? Thanks.

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