Meet the Finger Lime

Often referred to as the "Caviar of Citrus" this unique and hard to find item is nothing new at Central Market. What exactly is a finger lime?  That's the great part about describing this little citrus gem from Australia, it can be whatever your imagination wants it to be.

With a taste that is best described as a cross between a lime and a lemon, with a burst of tartness, there are multiple ways of serving finger limes. The most head turning way is to slice off the top end and force out the citrus pearls as if you were squeezing a tube of toothpaste. Then how to eat them or accent dishes is totally up to you. The possibilities continue to come in daily, you can find people adding the citrus beads to martini's, beer, or even mojito's! Chefs have been utilizing them in all sorts of dishes, mixing it up in all types of fish or using the beads to put a final touch on fresh oysters.

And when I say the possibilities are endless I mean it, how about adding some zestyness to a salad or infusing them into a guacamole dip, topping some tacos, and presenting with some sushi. Finger limes are usually available through February, and you can find them here at Central Market currently coinciding with Citrus Fest.

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STEPHEN wrote on 4/15/2014 6:10:04 PM

I am interested in finger limes. I understand the are in season in July. Will you be carrying them in you Texas DFW area stores?

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