Learn about Simple Chinese Home Cooking from an Expert

Celebrate the Chinese New Year with recognized expert on Chinese cuisine, Fuchsia Dunlop. Based on her highly praised newest book, which celebrates delicious, everyday recipes from Southern China, Fuchsia Dunlop will introduce you to authentic Chinese food that is easy to reproduce at home.

Eater.com has released it's list of Spring 2013 notable cookbooks and this is what they have to say about Fuchsia Dunlop's most recent investigation into Chinese cooking, available on February 4th:

Every Grain of Rice: Simple Chinese Home Cooking by Fuchsia Dunlop.
British cookbook author Fuchsia Dunlop's guide to Southern Chinese home cooking is finally available in the US. This book was a big hit overseas, and there is always more room for Chinese cookbooks. Likely one of 2013 must-haves.

Join Ms. Dunlop, the first Westerner to train at the Sichuan Higher Institute of Cuisine, an award-winning author and recognized expert on Chinese cooking, in early February in our Cooking Schools in Dallas, Houston and San Antonio.

Other cooking school classes are available on the cooking school page of our website.

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