Lakewood Brewing - Game Day Decision

The Big Game might be in the Big Easy, but your beer should be local. The world of craft beer is becoming more and more crowded, and if we had the shelf space, we'd pack 'em all in. Alas, our shelves are limited, so we strive to carry only the best, and when one of the best turns out to be local, we get really excited.

The Lakewood Brewing Company hasn't been around as long as some of their other DFW beer bretheren, but they are off to a fantastic start. Influenced by the great Belgian breweries, these beers are loyal to their roots but maintain their own individuality.

Their Vienna-style Lakewood Lager has just the right balance of hops and malt, with a clean, crisp finish. Perfect for all the game-day foods; burgers, queso and the like.

The Hop Trapp IPA measures in at 55 IBUs, but it is more than just a "hop-bomb". It maintains a lovely balance and complexity that is satisfying but not over-whelming. The boys at the brewery recommend pairing this with hot Buffalo Wings.

If wheat beer is what you crave, Rock Ryder is for you.  It has a dash of spice, but maintains a light and refreshing structure.  If you happen to have a veggie tray or cheeses for game-day, this will be the ideal beer.

And just in time for kick-off, come join us at Central Market Preston Royal, this Saturday, February 2nd from 12:00pm-3:00pm, and try some of the selections from Dallas' newest craft brewery.

Beers from the Lakewood Brewing Company are available at all Dallas/Fort Worth Central Markets.

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