Expand Your Repertoire

If your New Year’s resolutions included a commitment to expand your culinary horizons this year, we’re here to help. Explore the culinary world in our Cooking Schools, where classes are taught by our cooking school staff, featured instructors, and celebrity chefs from around the world.

Bakers Take Note
One of the country’s top bakers will be joining us to explore gluten free, sugar free baking. While the recipes were developed to offer baked goods to those suffering from celiac disease and diabetes and for those who would are trying to shed a few pounds but can't resist a bit of bread or a bite of cookie now and then, Peter Reinhart will also offer easy solutions for replacing the dairy and butter in recipes for vegans.

Japanese Home Cooking
Hiroko Shimbo, an acknowledged authority on Japanese food, will introduce you to her techniques for creating authentic Japanese flavors using ingredients that are available in our stores. As she demonstrates how easy it can be to create a few master sauces that will make meal preparation a breeze, you'll pick up tips on how to make delicious Japanese-inspired meals at home. A stock, a soup and her miso sauce are delicious and suitable for vegans and ominvores alike. This book has been getting a lot of positive press, so don't miss out on the opportunity to spend some time with this award winning cookbook author.

Tuscan Chef
Our friend, and local cheesemaker Paula Lambert met Chef Enzo Minopoli in Tuscany last year and was so impressed that she invited him to visit Texas. We jumped on the opportunity to have him share authentic Tuscan recipes with our customers in Plano and San Antonio. Look for his menu to be posted soon.

Asian Cookery
And don’t miss the Asian invasion in our schools in February. Dorothy Huang, a local favorite in Houston, will be sharing the secrets to long life and prosperity through her hands-on classes celebrating the Chinese New Year in several of our schools. Fuschsia Dunlop, an award winning author of several books on Chinese cuisine will be in Dallas, Houston and San Antonio to introduce you to some of her favorites from Southern China that highlight the use of vegetables. And Martin Yan, of television fame, will join us in Ft. Worth, Plano and San Antonio for a demonstration of traditional Lunar New Year’s dishes from around Asia. In Houston, for one night only, he’ll be offering a hands-on knife skills class to a small, but lucky group, so don't delay, sign up today.

Full class schedules are available by store at the links below:
Austin North Lamar
Dallas Lovers Lane
Fort Worth
San Antonio

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