Satisfy Your Sweet Tooth at the Central Market Chocolate Festival February 8-14

Are you really into chocolate? Does death by chocolate sound like a pretty good way to go? Do you think too much of a good thing is a good thing as long as that good thing is chocolate?

If the answer’s yes, then bring your sweet tooth to the 5th annual chocolate festival at Central Market, when the entire store will be dedicated to the sweet and savory sensations of chocolate.

Sample unforgettable eats like an unrivaled selection of artisan chocolates (of course), plus baked delights such as chocolate cherry bread and chocolate chess pie, chocolate coffee, chocolate-covered popcorn, five chile cocoa-seasoned steaks, and a complete chocolate chicken mole meal, available at our Chef’s Case. You’ll also find chocolate stout in our beer and wine department, where you can ask our experts to help you pick a wine to pair with your favorite chocolate-y foods.

Earn your chocolate chops in our cooking classes, when we teach you to make loveable, edible gifts for your Valentine. Or learn how to make everything from soup to nuts using our four favorite food groups: milk, white, dark and semi-sweet. If you prefer to cook with chocolate from the comfort of your own kitchen, we have oodles of chocolate recipes, too.

Perhaps most exciting, more than a dozen famous chocolate makers and chocolatiers are descending on our stores to hand out samples of their award-winning confections and share stories about their profession. You can read more about who’s visiting your store, but here’s a snapshot:

Katrina Markoff, CEO and Founder, Vosges Haut-Chocolat
Alan “Patric” McClure, Founder and Head Chocolate Maker, Patric Chocolate
Fritz Knipschildt, Owner, Knipschildt Chocolatier and Café Chocopologie
Shawn Askinosie, Founder and Chocolate Maker, Askinosie Chocolate
Andrea Pedraza, Master Chocolatier and Owner, CocoAndré Chocolatier
Bertil Åkesson, Owner, Åkesson’s Fine Chocolates
Dave Owens, Chief Chocolatier, Bissinger’s
Sue Williams, M.D., Owner and Chocolatier, Dr. Sue’s Chocolate
Jackie Ekholm, Founder, MOO Chocolate
Lauren McCusker, Chocolatier, Xan Confections
Stefano Zullian, Carla Susi and Silvana Susi, Owners, Araya Artisan Chocolate
Jason Caslow, Chef, Pure Dark Chocolate
Tim McCollum, Co-Founder, Madécasse Chocolate

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