Salami Obsession? Cured!

We are the first in Texas to bring you Wisconsin’s legendary Bolzano Salami.

On a recent trip to the Badger State, Will, our Deli/Cheese Buyer learned Bolzano’s Salami enjoys a near-cult status: People in Wisconsin love their Bolzano about as much as we Texans love our sweet tea.

The salamis are the go-to sidekick for beers, breads, even wines, and cheeses. Husband-and-wife salumists Scott Buer and Christin Johnstone Buer, who own Bolzano Artisan Meats, also trim and grind heirloom pork, mix it with unique blends of spices, then stuff, ferment, dry, and package it by hand in small batches in the state’s first licensed facility to use traditional processes.

We sampled all six flavors of Bolzano’s traditional charcuterie, and quickly failed to pick just one. Instead, we went whole hog, and brought back all six flavors to share with you:

Keep it simple with Old School, flavored with cracked black pepper and garlic, or Pig Red, flavored with no extra spices at all.

Pamplona Runner is a Spanish-style chorizo, while Pitzotl is inspired by Central American molé with flavors of chiles and cocoa.

For a heartier taste, RauchZwiebel, made to pair with heavy beers and cheeses, is flavored with sea salt and onions, and Bolzano’s Fin Oh Kee Oh Na is filled with freshly ground fennel seeds.

If you've got a party to throw, a movie to relax in front of, or an intense snack attack coming on, you need to stock up on Bolzano Salamis! 
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Sheera wrote on 4/7/2015 1:50:06 PM

I think the title of this post is really really appropriate, because once you got to taste salami, you will be craving for more! lol!

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