Que-So, Why Will You Love This Cheese?

Because it's Awesommme! Emphasis on the "Awesommme."

Trust us, Torta Finca Pascualete is an amazing soft, sheep’s milk cheese hand-made in Spain by the family of a count on their ancestral estate.

Current cheesemaker, and grandson of the count, Juan Figueroa, sums up Finca Pascualete as “the magic of a spreadable cheese in a small format.”

We sum it up as positively swoon-worthy: A creamy, custardy texture that practically liquefies in the mouth and blooms into a complex flavor that’s pithy, mildly bitter, with hints of citrus, mushroom, minerals, and wild grasses. To enjoy, simply slice off the top and scoop, pair with a light red wine, or spread on crusty breads. 

Or read more about the history behind this cheese, did we mention there is a CIA agent, a European Count, true love, and a deep affection for the estate where this cheese is made.
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TXEdie wrote on 2/21/2014 10:52:51 AM

I'm on my way to buy this cheese. Sounds wonderful! This type of feature w/description is very helpful before trying new foods.

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